The Harrington and Hirschy Families

Bucking Horses

Fred and Lynn Hirschy have been long time friends with 4-time NFR saddle bronc rider and fellow Montanan, Jess Martin.  In 2000, Fred and Jess purchased 15 broodmares from friend and successful stock contractor, Ike Sankey.

In 2005, the great Lunatic Party was born on the Hirschy ranch.  She has gone on to win the Canadian Saddle Bronc Horse of the Year title 3 times, as well as go to the NFR 6 times so far in her career.

Fred and Jess enjoy raising the colts, dummy bucking them, and hauling them to bucking horse futurities, before selling them to stock contractors around the nation and Canada.  In 2014, Fred and Jess won the “Best of the Remuda” Award at the World Class Cinch Bucking Horse Futurity Finals.


Hirschy/Martin raised horses who have bucked at the NFR

Lunatic Party– Saddle Bronc

Jesse’s Girl– Bareback

Gold Coast– Saddle Bronc

Good Time Charlie– Bareback

Big Wig– Saddle Bronc

Gypsy Soule– Saddle Bronc

NY Mega Millions– Saddle Bronc

Bipolar– Bareback

Lori Darling– Saddle Bronc